How Result of FCPS Part 1 is Made?

How Result of FCPS Part 1 is Made?

Today we will discuss all “Hypothesis about The Making of Result by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.

Hypothesis 1

First Hypothesis is that each question caries different marks, i mean if one question has 5 numbers the other one has 9 numbers. Many students of FCPS have this concept in their minds. What is the reason of this thinking? i will show you an image which can easily tell you about this Percentile concept.

As you can easily see the result comes in points, which means some question carries more marks than other. So this image can easily show why students think about this Hypothesis.

Hypothesis 2

This Hypothesis states that the question which is marked correctly by all candidates has no marks, i mean this question is skipped from the result. Similar is the case with the question which is marked wrongly by all candidates. So it means the result is made on the basis of “Average”. Average means all those questions are counted which are marked correctly by some candidates and marked wrongly by other candidates. So this Hypothesis is all about it.

Hypothesis 3

This hypothesis states that you will be declared pass if you get 75 % aggregate in your exam. The question that is asked by many students from the center of CPSP, in reply they have written that any student that will take 75 % aggregate will be declared as pass. Below are the images of this criteria that can make it more clear.

Hypothesis 4

According to few candidates Result is in Points because Relative System of marking is applied here e.g if Paper is topped on 95 and you got 80 so the Top scorer marks would be considered 100 and your score accordingly like 84.21.
So the formula of marking will be like:

Marks = Your Marks/Topper Marks × 100
E.g Marks = 80/95 × 100

Recent Email by CPSP: 

In one of email sent by CPSP in response to email sent by a student they have mentioned that marking system is based on cronback’s formula. You can read complete chat bellow:

Hopefully this article take you to the point that How the result of FCPS Part 1 is made.

Cpsp criteria( Passing marks)

FCPS part 1 —> 75% combined aggregate
IMM —> 75% Combined aggregate
Fcps Part 2  —> SEQS 60%
                    —> MCQS 75%
Total aggregate —> 135
If both SEQS —> 60% Combined aggregate in fcps part 2. Total 120 marks
If both MCQS —> 75% combined aggregate in fcps part 2. Total 150 marks



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