Guidelines For MRCP 1 Exam (2021)

Guidelines For MRCP 1 Exam (2021)

Do MRCP only if you actually dream to be a member of royal college otherwise you may clear your written exams but will stuck at PACES.
Lot of people are failing MRCP exams as they are giving immature attempts. Dont do this please.

MRCP UK makes you not only a good doctor but a mannerfull human being.
For fee and exam dates visit official site of RCP UK I.e. MRCPUK.ORG
You need house job I.e. 12 months experience before appearing in MRCP1 and 6 months more experience in any clinical setting to appear in next parts of MRCP.
They check you themselves in PACES so if you would not be competent clinically you would not pass it simply.


This 6 volumes series is the text book for MRCP-1 . It covers almost each and every topic you r going to face on exam day. You can skip the MCQs and move directly to explanation .Read explanations of each mcq as many times as u can from this book. By many times i mean 3 good revisions .Every word of this book should be on ur tips. and first of all u r going to do it twice before moving to some other book.
Pass medicine is considered as the Bible of MRCP1.
Understand the style of MRCP thru this book.


This book is added in my guidelines as the second most important book after seeing the increased failure rate in MRCP-1 exams in recent years. This book has extensive knowledge and should be done twice before sitting in exam.
It is difficult book and recommended for those who are not in training especially.
Those who are already doing training can do On examination instead which would take less time comparatively .


The mcqs and explanations in this book are very close to original exam and will be a very good addition to your knowing about different disease and bedside situations.This book shall help you in deciding the right option in exam.
This is the third book in my preference list.

Text_Book :

There is no need to study any big text book i.e. Davidson etc.

Online_Source :

Personally i dont recommend online sources for MRCP written exams .


People will recommend you many books i.e. Philip Kalra.
Ester series for basic
Oxford clinical book for medicine
Personally i don’t think any of these books going to help you much exam point of view so No Need to do any of them.


I recommend you people at-least 4-6 months of day and night study for it with max. hour every day.
People in training have more chances to pass the exam.So they should get a rotation and can clear exam in 4 months as well.


Your strategy should be to study targeted material only but with very strong grip on it. No need to read multiple books.Read only few and necessary ones but do them multiple times so that every single information and concepts should be very clear and on your tips.

Remember :

Dont solve the MCQS books . Read the Explanations in them.
Most Important thing is your belief in this principle of nature that every thing is in Allah hand.Its Only ALLAH who can give You or who can take from you ( for some better reason) . So belief in him if He is with you and your parent and people around you are happy, you can get through any exam of the world.
Note : PLAB or IELTS/OET is not required at any part of MRCP.

Disclaimer: This article is Originally written by Dr. Syed Ali Raza


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